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Fengshui Gourmet

Digital Download: PDF 82 full colour pages.

Sales price $20.00

Feng Shui Gourmet gives the reader a different perspective to the kitchen and cooking in it. In the Chinese culture, and according to the theories of Feng Shui, the kitchen is much more than a space to prepare meals. The kitchen is considered one of the areas that can improve the family’s heath and wealth. Feng Shui masters often stress the importance of having a well-designed kitchen where the oven, hob and washbasin have specific positions.

The concept of Yin and Yang and the five elements are the fundamental theory of Feng Shui and occupies the heart of Chinese philosophy. It is believed to be the essence of nature, where everything is in a perpetual state of change.

According to the practice of traditional Chinese medicine, the balance of Yin and Yang in the body is key to better health. You will find that the recipes and information in this book attempt to incorporate and introduce this balance into your cooking and kitchen.

On the other hand, the recipes and information in this book do not focus on Chinese herbs or their therapeutic benefits. All the recipes have been tried and prepared in several home kitchens to make sure that they can be done at home. We have also included a detailed preparation guide for each recipe to help you prepare these delicious dishes. The term Feng Shui Value I use in this book are my personal choice of words use to describe the elements.

This book will not be complete if it does not touch on safety and hygiene in the kitchen. No matter how good of a cook you are, food and kitchen safety are something we all need to be conscious of every time we prepare food. While kitchen safety is really about common sense, we often take it for granted. Small accidents happen daily whether it is in a large hotel kitchen, industrial kitchen or in your home. Your kitchens can be chaotic if you are not organized; prevention is better than cure.

Food hygiene is another important part of cooking, and this will also feature prominently in the book. There are many hidden bacteria hiding on raw meat, on counter tops or cutting boards and knives. Specifically, the lack of knowledge on how improperly stored or prepared foods can harbour bacteria are the some of the main causes of food poisoning. As the old saying goes “ an apple a day keeps the doctor away” but in these days, you need to ensure the apple is well washed and free from pesticides before you take the first bite.

We hope you find as much pleasure and enjoyment in your reading and trying out the recipes in Feng Shui Gourmet as we have had putting it all together. The testing of the various recipes on ourselves, and our friends over the past few months requires that the two of us need to consider going on a diet.

From Slim and Slimmer
(Your Feng Shui Gourmet Authors).

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